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LAWN CARE   it's more than just cutting the grass..

The New Gardening Year

Below you will see a few graphs to indicate what is required during each month of the year to keep your lawn in tip top condition.

Everything highlighted in green is what should be happening in your garden at that particular time. By calling in The Oxford Garden Company you will see that all this is adhered to, so with that in mind you can sit back, relax and enjoy your garden.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Sowing lawns                        
Moss Control                        

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Box trees                        
Spring flower                        
Soft fruit                        
Evergreen hedges                        
Deciduous hedges                        

Achieve your perfect lawn

Lush, dense, immaculate and naturally green. A dream lawn should have most of these qualities. A lawn has to withstand so many different conditions whether it is in full sun or mostly shade and yet still retain a perfect appearance.

And when it comes to the appearance of your lawn there are so many factors to consider. There is no perfect habitat and therefore at OGC we regard it as our task to provide you with the ideal solutions.

OGC can offer you complete lawn care packages to suit all budgets.

The foundations of a great lawn


Our seed mixtures meet all the requirements of your soil. The special slow-release fertilisers provide the ideal supply of nutrients to ensure a dense, luscious green lawn.

OGC stands for quality and expertise in all aspects of lawn care. For us being good enough is not enough, and we strive to be better. And with you, our customer, at the forefront of our minds, we take on board your requests. For instance, we provide you with the option of cutting and collecting or cutting and mulching.

A beautiful lawn starts with the seed

Wrong: Low cost seeds = Rag carpet

Cheap seed produces lawns with a low turf density.  If the turf does not close densely, then airborne weed seeds are able to germinate and you can find yourself with a bed of grass that looks more like a rag carpet, very unsightly!

Right: Quality seed = Beautiful dense carpet of grass

Choose the right lawn seed mixture depending on usage. For example, a family lawn should be more hard wearing. It is worth investing in the right mixture to guarantee a fresh, green, high density carpet of grass throughout the year, the density will also help suppress the growth of weeds

The Foundations for your dream lawn

The most important prerequisites for a beautiful lawn...

There are just two prerequisites to being able to transform bald spots in an existing lawn into lush, green carpet - the know how, and the right quality seed.

Lawn Care -Seed, Soil, Fertilisation

As the seed is sown, so is the lawn...

When starting a garden from scratch , thought must be given to the trees and bushes you want to plant as well as the position of your flower beds - these features will provide a framework for the overall look of your garden.  However, the lawn areas must be planned, since this area tends to be the focal point of the garden.

Will your lawn be used as a place for relaxation, for sunbathing, as a playground, or simply as a place for a friendly get-together with family or friends? Every homeowner has their own thoughts and plans, and each family member also has individual requirements which need to be considered. Many homeowners imagine that simply sowing a lawn once, that their dream garden can be achieved.

However, market research has illustrated that many homeowners are very unhappy with the quality of their lawns - with the colour, the number of weeds, or just a general lack of growth and patchiness. The cause for this lies in the use of low cost grass mixes. Less than 0.1% of total construction costs are invested in quality lawn seed and fertilisers, thus poor results are inevitable.

Laying a new lawn

Would you like to lay a lush new green lawn from scratch? Its easy when you know how. With guidance from The Oxford Garden Company and the correct tools you will find the chore of laying a new lawn simple and straightforward. And this is how we do it:

Preparing the ground

It is important to dig over thoroughly. This can be done quickly with a sturdy digging spade or a digging fork. If the soil is compact and loamy, try loosening it with sand. This prevents surplus water caused by insufficient drainage. The soil should rest for 2-3 weeks then be broken up and crumbled into a fine tilth.

Sowing seeds and spreading fertiliser

Since seeds germinate particularly well in temperatures above 10 degrees, it's wise to sow them at the beginning of may or at the onset of autumn when the ground has been warmed up by the summer and regular rain showers make watering easier for you. The more evenly the seed is sown the more even your lawn will be. This is why our spreader is ideal for sowing seeds and spreading fertiliser.

Watering regularly

The fresh seed requires a great deal of moisture particularly in the first 3 weeks. In dry spells, you should preferably water the area several times a day to prevent it from drying out and to ensure germination.

The first cut

When the young, tender blades have grown to a height of 8-10cm it is time for the first cut. The cut however, should not be too short. A height of at least 5cm is ideal for the first time.

Feeding your lawn

One thing is certain: your lawn does not live on fresh air alone. Like other plants, it needs a balance supply of nutrients in order to grow really well. With the correct nutrients, used at the correct time you can achieve a great deal. Your lawn will thank you for it.

The nutrients used in a long term fertiliser are specially coated. They are gradually released into the plant in amounts matching the lawns need.

Transform your lawn!

The two most important factors in lawn transformation are the selection of the right seed and the process itself. Its not only the seeding and mowing phases that are critical, you must also ensure your plants are thoroughly watered and supplied with the appropriate nutrients.

Does your lawn contain bald spots, moss or weeds?

The Oxford Garden Company's lawn care products can help you completely renew or revitalise your lawn in just 6 weeks. You can transform grass into the lawn of your dreams - all without digging it over. How do we do it? - read on to find out...

Rejuvenate your lawn without digging over

Would you like to transform that unattractive green area into a new lush green lawn?  Now with or without the help of The Oxford Garden Company you can confidently renew your lawn in 5 easy steps:

Cut grass short - Cut the old grass down as far as possible. On your lawn mower select the lowest cutting height setting. Then, remove all the clippings.

Scarify - The next step is to scarify across the lawn repeatedly both length ways and cross ways. The more thoroughly this is done, the better, as germinated seeds needs to be in direct contact with the soil.

Sow seed and spread fertiliser - You may now distribute your chosen lawn seed and lawn starter fertiliser, one after the other evenly on the well prepared surface. The seed grains onto the ground in precise amounts.

Cover seeds - To protect the seeds from drying out , being blown away or eaten by birds, carefully rake a thin layer of peat over the seeded area, but do this gently to avoid redistributing the sown seed. If the colour of the peat gets lighter, it is a sign that you need to water.

Water - Regular watering is essential for the success of lawn renewal. In the first three weeks the new lawn surface must not dry out, and ought therefore to be watered several times a day. In just 6 weeks your new lawn will be dense and resilient, and revitalised.

The ideal cutting height

When mowing you must keep an eye on the correct cutting height since cutting the lawn too short has detrimental effects. Grass professionals recommend a cutting height of between 3.5 and 5cm. Once you have found the ideal cutting height for your lawn, you ought to keep this consistent. With a shady lawn the cutting height plays an especially important role. in order to compensate for the lack of light such a lawn needs a minimum height of 4.5cm. For all lawn surfaces it is true to say that the better the technology of the mower and the sharper the mower blades the more easily and more meticulously you will manage the mowing.

Don't fray the grass

When mowing, care should be taken to cut the surface as smoothly as possible. Frayed brown grass storks not only look ugly, but also offer opportunity's for numerous diseases to be able to get into the grass. In addition, the plant looses a relatively large amount of water because of ragged cutting - a serious disadvantage, especially in dry summer months.

The all important finishing touches

The tools and know-how to create your immaculate lawn.

Mowing the grass is only one part of creating a beautiful lawn. Your carefully tendered lawn will only really look its best when all the individual elements involved in lawn maintenance are taken care of and lawn edges adjacent to flower beds, trees and paths are neat and cared for. When lawn grass starts to invade adjacent parts of the garden or the lawn is full of moss and thatch it's time to take action. The Oxford Garden Company is here to assist you. So whether you need to scarify to remove moss and thatch or create clean edges and contours, you can rely on us to provide you with the expertise for the task at hand.

Professional tips for the perfect lawn

Mowing: Promote grass blade growth and robust turf by cutting your lawn regularly and not shorter than 3.5cm  or 1/3 or the blade height.

: Free your lawn of moss and thatch twice a year, this will open it up and enable it to absorb more air, water and nutrients.

Watering and aerating
: When hot and dry, you should water your lawn twice to three times a week in the evenings, and aerate it ideally once a month.

Fertilising: Healthy lawns require the right nutrients twice a year. Use fertilisers which are rich in active ingredients & have the right mixture with a slow release action.

Weed control
: Use products to reliably eradicate moss and weeds and at the same time fertilise, thereby filling patches in the lawn quickly and permanently.

  Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov
Laying new lawns                  
Rejuvenating lawns                  
Moss control                  
Weed control                  

Care for your lawn

Chances are your lawn will not be 100% pure grass. Moss and weeds will settle themselves amongst the grass blades and if left it will spread fast. It is therefore important to take steps to remove them. For small lawns use one of our pendulum moss removal rakes. They will clear dead moss and thatch from your lawn. Working like a pendulum, the head swings back and forth to help glide over the lawn when pushed and bite into the lawn when pulled.

Let your lawn breathe
The perfect lawn is not complete until you have used a scarifier to free it of unwanted thatch and moss. Thatch & moss is a breeding ground for fungi & mould, it traps moisture at the surface and in turn, hinders the absorption of vital nutrients and Oxygen. This can prevent the development of strong grass roots and promote further moss growth.

Lawns should be scarified at least twice a year - preferably on a dry day in both spring and autumn. We have a range of scarifiers to suit any size garden. For small gardens we use the moss removal rakes, and for those who have large gardens, we have a range of petrol scarifiers. All models come with an optional grass collection bag.

How does it work?
A rotating cylinder with up to 30 blades of special steel cuts into the surface of the ground, loosening thatch in the lawn. Dead organic material is collected in the collecting box and can be disposed of. After scarifying the grass gets more air and water, helping it to flourish. It is essential to provide the lawn with nutrients to allow the lawn to recover quickly and grow vigorously.

We hope this guide has given you a helpful insight into everything that is involved in keeping your lawn in great condition throughout the year, of course it does require time and dedication to put into practice - so if time is not on your side or you'd just prefer to get the pro's in to do the job, then you know who to call!!

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